BFDV - Beak and Feather Disease

Beak and feathers disease is one of the most significant viral disease in psittacine birds. The causative agent belongs to the genus Circovirus. The disease is characterised by feather changes ( feather loss, deformation, abnormally coloured feathers) or beak deformities.  It  is currently believed that all parrot species are susceptible to the disease.

Transmission of the circovirus occurs mainly through feather dust, feces, aerosols from contaminated environments. Symptoms of the disease vary and depend on the species and age of the infected bird.

The most severe form of the disease usually affects young birds and severely damages their immune system . It subsequently  leads to secondary infections caused by e.g. bacteria. However, the disease can also occur in older birds. Clinical signs vary according to the species of parrot affected. While in some species the disease is often fatal (cockatoo, African grey parrot), some species can overcome the disease and fully recover (e.g. lovebird, amazon).


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