About us

An organisation co-funded and controlled by the state, the State Veterinary Institute Prague (SVI Prague) was founded by the Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with Section 44 of Act No. 166/1999 Coll., of 13 July 1999, on animal health care, as amended. SVI Prague was established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic for the purpose of providing veterinary laboratory diagnosis. The Institute is part of the organisational structure of the State Veterinary Administration.

MVDr. Kamil Sedlák, Ph.D., is the Director of SVI Prague and the institution’s CEO

MVDr. Tomáš Černý and Ing. Jan Rosmus act as deputy directors.

The Institute’s primary activity is defined under its founding charter (the full and amended version’s ref. No. 20818/2001-3030) of 11 July 2001 as amended through Addendum 1 of 31 March 2004 (ref. No. 13060/2004-13020) and Amendment 2 of December 2017 (ref. No. 40450/2017-MZE-13222).


Primary activity

  • Laboratory diagnosis of infectious and other animal diseases and causes of animal deaths
  • Laboratory and sensory testing of samples of biological materials, raw materials, foods and feedstuffs, water, environment, medicinal products, hygiene disposables and, where necessary, other samples in order to assess their health safety and quality
  • Laboratory checks in animal breeding
  • Detecting undesirable residues in the human food chain and in the environment
  • Pursuit of the activity of accredited testing laboratories and accredited certification bodies for products within the scope of the applicable accreditation
  • Sampling for laboratory and sensory analysis and transporting samples to a lab
  • Pursuit of the activities of national reference laboratories and reference laboratories
  • Consultancy, education and training in agriculture and food industries within the Institute’s scope of the activities

Secondary activities

  • Accommodation services
  • Research and development in the agriculture, food and ecology sectors