Virology and serology

A state-of-the-art and specialised site, it provides diagnosis of viral and other infectious diseases in farm, domestic and wild animals as well as species kept in zoos. In addition to serological checks and health testing, the staff conducts tests for direct evidence of pathogens in samples of sick or dead animals.

The department provides:

  • Serological diagnosis of viral, bacterial and protozoan infections
  • Detection, identification and molecular characterisation of viruses and bacteria
  • Health tests of animals during transportation and sale within/outside the territory of the Czech Republic
  • Blanket monitoring of the health status of the animals; TSE diagnosis
  • Vaccine controls
  • Consultancy and advisory activities


As part of the department, there are 6 active national reference laboratories (NRL): NRL for foot-and-mouth disease and vesicular diseases of animals, NRL for avian influenza and Newcastle disease, NRL for rabies, NRL for infectious equine diseases, NRL for infections caused by capripoxviruses (lumpy skin and sheep and goat pox) and NRL for plague of small ruminants.

The department comprises a laboratory specialised in molecular genetics; its staff members conduct analysis of samples at a molecular level through detecting the presence of genetic material (RNA/DNA), viruses, bacteria or lower fungi. The site is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus that comply with the highest standards in molecular diagnostics.

Within Prague SVI, the molecular genetics lab forms a part of national reference laboratories at the Virology and Serology as well as Bacteriology departments.


The lab provides:

  • Detection and typing of veterinary pathogens
  • Genetic typing of bacteria and lower fungi from pure cultures (taxonomic identification)
  • Determination of species-specific DNA
  • Detection of allergens in foods


In addition to routine diagnostics, the team of professionals is dedicated to other activities including:

  • Designing new diagnostic tests
  • Phylogenetic analysis of specific pathogens
  • Molecular epizootology
  • Metagenomics



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Ing. Lenka Černíková
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Molekulární diagnostika

RNDr. Alexander Nagy, Ph.D.
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Virologie a sérologie

MVDr. Helena Mikulcová
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Virologie a sérologie

MVDr. Roman Masopust
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Virologie a sérologie

MVDr. Vlastimil Křivda
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Vedoucí oddělení virologie a sérologie

MVDr. Jitka Horníčková
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Virologie a sérologie

Virologie a sérologie
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Laboratoř TSE
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Mgr. Kateřina Kunteová
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