Molecular biology

We are a specialized modern accredited laboratory where our staff performs sample analysis at the molecular level by detecting the presence of genetic material (RNA or DNA) in the samples.  The department is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments that meet the highest standards of molecular diagnostics. The molecular biology laboratory is part of several national reference laboratories within the SVU Prague.

The main activity of our department is the detection of viral and bacterial diseases and potential zoonotic pathogens in livestock, domestic, pet and wild animals. Our methods can also be applied to foodstuffs, for example for species identification of animals (determination of animal DNA), determination of the sex of cattle (differentiation of cow and bull meat) or to the problems of food adulteration and allergens.

Methods performed at our department:

  •     conventional PCR, qPCR, nested PCR
  •     conventional sequencing (Sanger sequencing)
  •     library preparation for Illumina technology
  •     whole genome sequencing - NGS (Nanopore)

In addition to routine diagnostics, our team is involved in other activities such as:

  •     designing new diagnostic tests
  •     validation of new methods
  •     phylogenetic analysis of selected pathogens (Avian Influenza, SARS-Cov-19)
  •     molecular epidemiology  
  •     regular staff training
  •     regular participation in international conferences



RNDr. Alexander Nagy, Ph.D.
+420 770 118 897

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Molecular biology

Ing. Lenka Černíková, Ph.D
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Molecular biology

MVDr. Eliška Kličková, Ph.D.
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