Trichomonad infection (Tritrichomonas foetus)

Bovine trichomonads shall be examined by microscopic native preparation and culture of bovine prepuce and cervicovaginal swabs, rinses or effusions from cows and heifers placed in sealed tubes containing lukewarm sterile saline (3-10 ml).

Samples must be stored at 20-25°C, protected from light.

The LABORATORY must ALWAYS be notified at least 1 WORKING DAY in advance of samples being sent for trichomonad testing so that testing can begin on the day of collection. For larger numbers of samples (>10), the laboratory should be notified at least 3 working days in advance. When using our collection lines, prior arrangement with the collection line manager is required. All contacts are listed below under the "Contacts" tab.

T. foetus testing is subject to the Animal Health Control and Vaccination Methodology.

Samples should be sent with a completed application form, including your email address and telephone number. The application form can be downloaded here under the "Downloads" tab.


Ing. Ondřej Máca, Ph.D.
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Tritrichomonas foetus causes trichomoniasis in cattle and is transmitted sexually, by equipment contaminated with sexual secretions and by insemination. Bulls can be asymptomatic carriers. Exceptionally, T. foetus causes inflammation of the glans and foreskin.

In cows it causes inflammation of the vagina and uterus, abortion in the first trimester and sometimes infertility. It is transmitted sexually, by contamination of equipment and by insemination. In Europe the prevalence is close to zero.

Collection procedure
Preputial lavage fluid is obtained using 20-30 ml of warm saline after thorough washing of the preputial sac. The fluid is collected in a sterile specimen or test tube.

A minimum of 10 ml is required for T. foetus testing.

Cervicovaginal mucus is obtained by aspiration (using an insemination pipette) or by irrigating the vaginal cavity with 20-30 ml of warm saline solution. Vaginal and cervical swabs are taken with sterile swabs moistened with warm sterile saline before collection. After collection, the swab is placed in a sterile tube containing lukewarm saline.

The amount required for T. foetus testing is 3-10 ml.


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