28. 2. 2019

National reference laboratory for rabies

The national reference laboratory (NRL) for rabies conduct diagnoses of the rabies virus in domestic and wild animals, determines the titre of the virus in vaccines against rabies and establishes the level of post-vaccination antibodies against rabies in animals and humans. The laboratory uses methods accredited according to CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and is included in the list of approved laboratories authorised, pursuant to the decision of the Council of the EU No. 200/258/EC (Article 3), to carry out the determination of the levels of antibodies against rabies. The NRL is part of the group of national reference laboratories of the EU member countries; it regularly participates in international comparative tests and other events organised by the EURL in Nancy, France.

To provide evidence of the rabies virus, the laboratory uses the immediate fluorescent test (IFR), virus isolation on cell lines, virus isolation in mice (MIT) and, last but not least, molecular genetic methods such as RT-PCR and partial genome-sequencing of the rabies virus. The serological methods used at our NRL include the ELISA test to demonstrate antibodies against the rabies virus and the fluorescent antibody virus neutralisation test (FAVN).

Within its scope, the NRL for rabies coordinates the rabies diagnoses conducted in other veterinary institutes (such as SVI in Jihlava or Olomouc) and co-operates with the National Institute of Public Health.

Virology a serology

MVDr. Helena Mikulcová
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Virology and serology

MVDr. Jitka Horníčková
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