Corynebacterim pseudotuberculosis

Diagnosis of the pathogen is based on its bacteriological culture and subsequent identification by MALDI-TOF. We are able to perform antimicrobial susceptibility testing of the isolated pathogen.


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The causative agent of the disease is Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis, a G+ coryneform facultatively anaerobic bacillus that causes a chronic highly infectious disease in artiodactyls. It causes the greatest economic losses in sheep and goat farms. The disease is characterised by abscess formation. In goats, the superficial lymph nodes are more commonly affected. In sheep, visceral lymph node abscesses are typical. Younger animals are more likely to be affected. Clinical manifestations are more characteristic of older age groups.


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Typ souboru Název Velikost
General application form 0,1 MB Stáhnout
General application form 0,4 MB Stáhnout


What material needs to be collected for the test?

Preferably the contents of the abscess or a swab of the abscess contents on Amies activated charcoal transport medium. We recommend taking the sample before starting treatment.