Food and feedstuffs hygiene

Our department is active in microbiological and sensory analysis of all foods, feedstuffs and potable water.

Our primary focus is the health safety and microbiological security of food, the assessment of residues of inhibitory substances in tissues, milk and eggs using microbiological methods, and determination of the count of somatic cells in raw milk.

We analyse samples taken in the context of checking process hygiene criteria and the effectiveness of sanitation within food-processing and other operations.

We also determine the radioactive contamination levels of foods and food chains.

The department operates through a team of highly specialised members. Most of our utilised methods are accredited. The department is part of the Test Laboratory No. 1 176 accredited by CIA as per CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. We use test procedures which comply with the legislation in the EU and Czech Republic, tailoring the scope of work to the needs of our customers.


MVDr. Jan Kučera
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Microbiology - smears, JUT, staff. enterotoxins

MVDr. Ivana Chytilová
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Microbiology - milk and dairy products

Ing. Alena Pokorná
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Food and feedstuff hygiene - radiology

Ing. Mai Truongová
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Food and feedstuffs hygiene
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