Animal health testing

The State Veterinary Institute Prague conducts examination and testing of a wide range of domestic, exotic and wild animals for the needs of the state veterinary supervision as well as private entities. The diagnostic services include the interpretation of the results, consulting activities and expert opinions.


  • Intravitally (i.e., for live animals), we conduct the following range of examinations:
  • Virology/Serology examination
  • Bacteriology examination
  • Parasitology examination
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Histopathology and cytology testing of biopsies, punctate and sediments 
  • Molecular-biology testing
  • Biochemical and haematology testing
  • Toxicology examinations


Post-mortem examination (examinations of dead animals) is usually opened by a patho-anatomical autopsy that presents the first and fundamental step in the comprehensive diagnosis of animal disease and enables, in addition to other successive exams such as bacteriological, parasitological, virological or toxicological tests, to determine the degree of damage to the organism, the type of disease and the cause of death of the animal.