Diseases caused by viruses of the genus Lyssavirus affect the nervous system of mammals. It is transmitted mostly by bites from infected individuals via saliva. Untreated the disease is fatal.

Since 2004, according to the OIE, the territory of the Czech Republic is officially free of rabies thanks to oral vaccination of wild animals (fox, raccoon dog) and compulsory vaccination of dogs. Nevertheless, the SVS CR continues to organize preventive monitoring of reservoir animals for rabies throughout the territory of our country. In indicated cases, other animals suspected of being infected with rabies are also examined.

Due to traveling with animals vaccinated against rabies to "third countries" or importation of vaccinated animals originating from "third countries", our laboratory is the only one in the Czech Republic that carries out antibody titer testing after vaccination. The determination of antirabies antibodies is also performed to verify the effectiveness of vaccination, also in humans.


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Determination of antirabic antibodies - virus neutralization test (FAVN)

For the rabies antibody test (FAVN test), it is always necessary to take clotted blood and, if possible, centrifuge the clotted blood to obtain blood serum. Sending blood serum (at least 0.5 ml of blood serum) instead of clotted blood can prevent possible haemolysis of the sample.

Rabies antibody testing takes 8-10 days.

The minimum amount of antibodies that must be detected from a blood serum sample is 0.5 MJ/ml. At the same time, this amount of antibodies guarantees the protection of the vaccinated animal against rabies infection.

The current price of the test can be found in our price list for dogs and cats. For this type of test, a special application form is required, which can be found in the download section.

Determination of rabies virus

When rabies is suspected, we perform virus detection in dead animals using IFR and RT-PCR. Please refer to our price list for the current cost of testing.


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