28. 2. 2019

National reference laboratory for plague of small ruminants

With regard to the paramyxovirus infection of a plague of small ruminants (referred to as peste des petits ruminants) spreading toward Europe and the incidence of the disease in Bulgaria in June last year, an NRL for plague of small ruminants was established at SVI Prague in the latter half of 2018. Since 2017, our lab has been the participant in international comparative tests organised by the EURL for Peste des Petits Ruminants (CIRAD) based in Montpellier. We provide evidence of the presence of antibodies in the blood serum of sheep and goats using the ELISA test as well as the demonstration of the virus using the RT-PCR method.

Molecular biology

Ing. Lenka Černíková, Ph.D
+420 770 118 896

Virology and serology

MVDr. Roman Masopust
+420 770 118 901