Bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD-MD)

A viral disease of cattle, buffalo and antelopes, alpacas and llamas. It is characterised by diarrhoea, nasal and ocular discharge, mucosal erosions or ulcerations, abortions and haemorrhages. In pregnant cows, early infection results in embryonic death and abortion, later infection during pregnancy results in organ damage and the birth of poorly viable offspring, and infection before the immune system develops (day 125 of pregnancy) results in persistent postnatal infection and shedding of virus into the environment. Mucosal disease is a special case with marked signs of anorexia, profuse diarrhoea, ulcerations and mucosal erosions.


MVDr. Roman Masopust
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 Bovine viral diarrhoea testing uses specific PCR methods or ELISA for virus detection and ELISA methods for antibody detection.

Molecular biology

RNDr. Alexander Nagy, Ph.D.
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Molecular biology

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Information and Results

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